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Customers Name: Karen
Dog , Dogs or Pets Name: Milly
City - Town: Pontprennau
Date of visit to Groomers: 2014
Customer Comments: Thank you Jayne! You've done absolutely stunning job on our Milly! She looks beautiful and we can't take our eyes of her! We will be back

27/11/15: Thank you so much, Molly looks amazing, that's the look I've wanted and haven't seemed to get until you. Really pleased from Leone re :Bichon Frise

29/11/15: My Riley bear at the groomers, thanks to Jayne at Scampz dog grooming, for doing such a great job from Dianne x. . . re: Cockerpoo

So glad we came to you , the pups are treated so well and come away looking beautiful 
 Angie 2017